We all want to live in full color and we all want to be recognized for who we truly are. And there is no place where I have found that except for here.”

- Janet cohen, client and member

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Life at Altitude Membership

This may be a personal journey, but it’s enhanced by belonging to a community of others who are also on the same path. The best way to amplify your own journey is to be part of a community that feels light, joyful, and accepting, to be in a safe place where you feel supported, and to continue to put attention on growth, reflection, or transformation. Become a Life at Altitude Member today!

Membership offers you a low-cost opportunity to:

  • Commit to your own personal growth on a regular basis

  • Be part of a community of loving, supportive, fun people

  • Experience true safety, connection, and vulnerability

  • Continue on your own path, at your own pace, without leaving home


Already a member?

New possibilities come from a shift in perspective. Allow yourself the opportunity to create profound shifts that increase your limits!


  • Online Coaching & Teaching Circles: A weekly online group call where you have the opportunity to hear cutting edge teachings and get coaching on whatever is coming up for you. There are multiple options: Tues 2pm ET or Thurs 8pm PT

  • Private Discussion Forum: Get access to our private online message boards where you can share updates, hardships, victories, gratitudes, questions, reflections, and more.

  • Online Practice Exercises: As a member you get free access to all of our online practice exercise courses. These are exercises you can use in your everyday life, and come back to over and over. Members also get 10% off all other Life at Altitude ECourses

  • Members only videos from Kyle: Kyle will post short videos on our members dashboard with insights, awarenesses and optional exercises for members to use to further their continued growth.

  • Early Access: As a member, you are the first to know about new events and offerings. Giving you the opportunity for more time to snag tickets and early bird discounts.

  • Most importantly: As a member, you are giving yourself an incredible opportunity for growth, transformation, community, connection, and support.


  • Members subscription: $100/month.

  • It’s a monthly rolling subscription. You can cancel anytime.

  • Your first week is free. We want you to be able to check it out.

Removing obstacles grounds you – and frees you – to live in the truth of who you really are and what you really want.


“The video calls were an important link to the process of inquiry as well as to Kyle’s influence in my life. The Mountain Experience had such a dramatic impact on me; however, the thought of attempting to bring that peace, clarity and process back into my day to day life seemed insurmountable. The video calls gave me a touchpoint to look forward to and to keep me grounded in this work.” - Diona, NC

“I like the consistency. You are meeting with people you don’t normally surround yourself with, yet we all share the same philosophy. Even if I didn’t bring something to the call myself, I found myself learning and growing from listening to others. There isn’t one time that I’ve been on the call where I haven’t learned something. I come off with a tool to live my life better. Some different language, or something to see my way clearer.” - Janet, FL



“I love the community we’ve built. I look forward to seeing their faces and hearing what is going on in their lives. I really feel safe with them, the sanctuary carries through and I feel heard. None of these people even live near me and I feel like we still have a connection somehow. And, now I have these people I’m excited about who I otherwise wouldn’t have seen, or been with, or shared with. And, this creates a vehicle for that. I can connect across the miles.” – Kathleen, NY