“A radical openness to what is true is even better than acceptance”

- L@A founder, kyle mercer


Life at Altitude is a lifestyle movement that fosters an awakening to a new way of life. L@A allows you to amplify connection, meaning and purpose by opening up to your own unbroken, authentic nature.

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Life is Precious 

I believe that in order to honor the mystery and beauty of life, life must be well cared for and well-lived. Instead of “getting through life” we should unlock our possibilities and fully express the gifts we hold inside us. Obstacles too often get in the way.  So it has become my life’s mission to help people overcome them. 


Our Team

For us, living at altitude means living at the highest level of consciousness possible in every moment of our lives. Life at Altitude invites you on a journey to rediscover that source of unconditional love and creativity that we all carry within us. When we live Life at Altitude, we experience more joy, bliss, happiness, meaning and purpose. At the same time, we also are able to contribute more, support more, and create more for others. The sole purpose of living at altitude is to experience that greater depth and dimension of life, for ourselves and others, at every moment.



Peggy was first introduced to this company and its powerful work at the age of 7 when her mother first attended events. Her mom's enthusiasm was contagious, and she was raised by an incredible community who also embraced the philosophy. Peggy joined L@A as the COO to continue spreading the healing. In her free time, Peggy enjoys biking, playing pickleball, and taking care of her plants in sunny Durham, NC.

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olivia miguelucci 

Olivia was born and raised in beautiful Ashland, OR. Her personal development journey has helped her release emotional pain and invite desire and growth into her daily life. She joined L@A to support others on their individual journeys of improving their lives. When she's not connecting with L@A members, Olivia enjoys practicing yoga, traveling, growing flowers, and cuddling her cat.

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AMy Cobb 

For the past 20 years Amy has managed a family run CPA firm in sunny Southern California. While numbers come naturally to her, her true joy is empowering people to make informed decisions about their finances. At L@A she provides all accounting related support. She loves spending time with her partner, 3 wonderful children, and 2 dogs. And she travels as far as she can as often as she can.

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Krishan Guzzo 

Krishan is currently an undergraduate student at Tufts University in Boston, MA with a focus in the health sciences. Aside from school, his passions are running, traveling, technology, and eating delicious food.  He is L@A’s critical millennial. He has been supporting  L@A’s smooth operations with tech support, software management, and content creation since 2017. 

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Mountain Experience

Los Angeles, CA, march 5-8, 2020

True happiness starts with honoring your authentic self, and freeing yourself from negative emotions and unrealistic expectations. Join us for the first time or as a return guest to remove obstacles from your life.


 One of the best tools we use is called Inquiry Method.