"Every Life at Altitude Experience that I've had has opened up a new vista, new possibilities, and a new energy and enthusiasm for life. Every single time I connect with this philosophy, my life expands and I can't go back to where I saw life before. Keep ‘em coming.”

- jane mcelduff, l@A client


Upcoming Life at Altitude Experiences


What We Offer

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LEvel 1: Mountain

The Mountain Experience helps you learn the foundational skills necessary to live the life you’ve always wanted. We teach Inquiry Method as a path to deeper self-knowledge; more joy and peace.

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LEvel 2: Freedom

The Freedom Experience helps you learn to put heart before ego, and to build a sense of love and safety within. This is the foundation for personal growth and freedom from ideas that no longer serve you.

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LEvel 3: Matrix

Learn the best ways to take care of yourself! The Matrix Experience digs deep into your history to find “skill voids” that cause negative emotions. You’ll learn to let go of anger and replace it with possibility.

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the Rite
of Passage

All Levels: Come to the Rite of Passage to honor any transition into a new phase of life. Five days of rafting is great for new retirees, new college students, parents of new college students, and anyone else in a transition or looking for adventure.

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Inquiry Method Training Program

Advanced Level: Inquiry Method is an overarching approach to life. It is a way of being in your life and in your work that delivers life-changing insights. In this 4-month program, you’ll learn how to use this proven tool to achieve breakthrough results for yourself personally, with your loved ones, with your business associates and employees, and with your coaching clients.

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Coaching & Teaching CircleS

All Levels: The best way to amplify your own journey is to be part of a community that feels light, joyful, and accepting, to be in a safe place, and to continue to put attention on your journey of growth. At our Coaching & Teaching Circles, you will experience the philosophy on a deeper level, you’ll feel more connected to a community of people who are living Life at Altitude, and you’ll learn more of the underpinnings and skills. Join us in person for a fun-filled weekend or join us weekly online.

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All Levels: A day and a half of one-on-one time with Kyle Mercer can be just what you need to overcome obstacles, whether they’re internal or related to factors like your relationships and work. This immersive experience is customized to your needs, and will help you break through whatever is holding you back.

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All Levels: Address the places you need support most with a deep dive into your story and situation. Coaching clients receive individual support catered to their needs—covering questions about business, leadership, management, parenting, relationships with others, relationship with self, money, and freedom.

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Life at Altitude Experiences help everyone - from new parents to retirees, from artists to entrepreneurs - face their individual challenges and move into a new life, guided by their inherent worth, dignity, and truth. Inquiry Method is Life at Altitude’s most transformational tool.