“Inquiry Method develops a priceless confidence in self and life. It opens windows to what, at the core, we know life is supposed to be about.”

- kathleen Lyons, L@A client

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 What is Inquiry Method?

Inquiry Method™ is a proven healing and transformation process rooted in the powerful act of asking deep questions. It helps you find the source of a problem and resolve it rather than covering it up—so you can move forward with clarity, confidence, and freedom.

Inquiry Method is a technique for interacting with people or addressing deeper personal issues and it is an approach to life in general.

As a technique, it is a partnered practice where one person puts their complete attention on another. It embraces an egoless state of curiosity and interest in how this unique person feels and experiences life. When we apply a sense of awareness and wonder to another person and remove all judgments in order to just connect and engage with another human being, there is an incredible amount of love generated.

The same is true with life. Innocence and wonder are at the heart of the inquiry approach to life. When we are in our minds, we interpret everything from the assessment of things being good and bad. When we drop the discernment between good and bad, and instead live with authentic curiosity. Life is lived in wonder. Life is truly a miracle.

This also works with ourselves. When I can grow enough to lose the judgment of myself and begin to create true inner sanctuary, I am able to gaze upon myself in the same loving way. Imagine having the same sense of curiosity and wonder about the phenomenon that is us. This is the path to self-love and self-compassion. This is when you do not have to be perfect to be worthy. When you see and hold this for yourself, you can see it and hold it for others as well.

How is it different?

1. Many other personal growth teachers emphasize the importance of undoing emotional pain but few show you how. Kyle is different. He is able to show you how to let go of not only emotional pain, but also limiting beliefs, harmful ego-driven roles, and unfillable voids from childhood. Kyle does this all through the process of Inquiry. 

2. Instead of controlling the growth process Kyle uses Inquiry to support you in hearing your own inner truth. Inquiry Method is not confronting because there is no telling. You are never wrong and however you show up is perfect. Kyle will help you find your own answer all in the context of sanctuary, which is a container of immense safety. You will be held with the utmost care.

3. Inquiry Method is also a communication tool. It can help anyone build better relationships and a greater capacity for connection and acceptance with self, partners, friends, family, or in business. We truly believe that the world would be a more loving place if everyone practiced less judgment and stayed in a state of Inquiry.


Now that you understand what’s different about Inquiry Method - here are some options for greater exploration.

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Life Coaching

Address the places you need support most with a deep dive into your story and situation.  Coaching clients receive individual support catered to their needs—covering questions about business, leadership, management, parenting, relationships with others, relationship with self, money, and freedom.

Business Coaching

Suss out new opportunities and old habits that are holding you back with coaching focused on bringing your office success and abundance.  Opportunities for your business include Corporate Renewal, Leadership Coaching and Mentoring, Group Retreats, Board Renewal, and Launching Your Own Business.

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Get Guidance

Not sure yet where to dive in? Set up a call to speak to someone who has completed all the experiences, so you can get expert guidance on the best step to take next.


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