This may be a personal journey, yet it’s enhanced by belonging to a community of others who are also on that journey. Become a member today!

The best way to amplify your own journey is to be part of a community that feels light, joyful, and accepting, to be in a safe place where you feel supported, and to continue to put attention on your journey of growth, reflection, or transformation. Our Coaching & Teaching Circles have all of these things.

As the name implies, the circles are a combination of coaching and teaching. During the circles, you will experience the philosophy on a deeper level, you’ll feel more connected to a community of people who are living Life at Altitude, and you’ll learn more of the underpinnings and skills of Life at Altitude. As a result, you’ll gain the freedom and ability needed to truly enjoy your life, appreciate yourself, and inspire others around you.

  • If you are just discovering Inquiry Method and Life at Altitude, these will support you in living a more fulfilling life.

  • If you’ve been with us for years, these will support you in continuing on an intentional path of living your life to the fullest.

  • And, no matter where you are in your journey, these will give you a community of people who are also on a path towards living Life at Altitude.

Join us in-person

We have multiple in-person Coaching & Teaching Circles coming up.

Bring whatever life is offering you right now. Whatever you are being faced with is the cutting edge of your growth and development. The magic of Inquiry Method is to turn your challenges into power and awakening

You will benefit from what everyone brings to the group. It’s a weekend of connection, awakening, and insight. We will share tools and processes for healing, connection and transformation. You will leave energized and ready to re-engage with your life in a new way.

Join us for a weekend of growth and fun. We’d love to see you!

Or, join us online

Every week we offer an Online Coaching & Teaching Circle where you can re-connect and bring whatever is coming up for you. We offer two times:

  • Every Tuesday 2pm ET/11am PT

  • Every Thursday at 8pm ET/5pm PT

Each call will be an hour. We have been blown away by how powerful it is to be on an online video together and how similar the experience is to being in the room together, so we’ll be doing them as an online video call. The group will be between 6 and 25 people. Each call will be a fresh new inspiring topic. We teach and emphasize safety. Kyle will be leading and teaching most of the calls. And, the format will allow for Kyle to both teach and to work one on one with people, like what we do at the Mountain Experience.

You pick whichever time works best for you (Tuesdays or Thursdays), and sign up for a subscription that renews monthly. You’ll get the first call for free and you can cancel your subscription at any time. The circle is open to those new to the process as well as veterans.